Example Tools

A suite of example tools ships with the ayx_python_sdk package. You can use these as templates for new tools.

Example Tool Descriptions

These are the example tools and their descriptions:

  1. AyxSdkInput: This is an example input tool that generates some simple data via the pandas library and outputs it on the output anchor. The tool has no input anchors, and 1 output anchor.

  2. AyxSdkOutput: This is an example output tool. It has 1 input anchor and no output anchors. The tool does not do any data processing with the input data.

  3. AyxSdkPassthrough: This is an example passthrough tool. It has 1 input anchor and 1 output anchor. This tool doesn’t do any processing, it just pushes the same data that was received on the input anchor to the output anchor.

  4. AyxSdkMultipleInputAnchors: This is a tool that has 2 input anchors and 1 output anchor. It enforces that the metadata on each anchor must be the same, and it merges the data from each input anchor on the output anchor, similar to a Union tool.

  5. AyxSdkOptionalInputAnchor: This tool has an optional input anchor. This means that the plugin can run with or without a connection on the input anchor. If there is a connection on the input anchor, the plugin acts as a passthrough tool.

  6. AyxSdkMultipleOutputAnchors: This tool has 1 input anchor and 2 output anchors. Provided that the input connection’s metadata has an integer numeric field called “Value”, this tool separates the records from that connection into odds and evens. NOTE: There is a known bug that causes the resulting records to be written to both output anchors.

  7. AyxSdkMultiConnectionsMultiOutputAnchor: This tool has a single input anchor that can receive multiple connections. It maps each of these input connections to an output anchor according to the order in which the input connections were connected.